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The USC department with which you are doing business will issue a payment request to generate payment to you. USC’s standard payment terms for Non-PO Suppliers are Net 1 (next-day payment from payment request processing completion).

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To receive payment on a purchase order, submit an invoice that includes:

  • Purchase order number
  • Invoice number
  • Itemized order details
  • Supplier name
  • Date of invoice
  • Remit address
  • Percent of services performed in California

Note: To comply with the state of California’s 7% income tax withholding requirement, the invoice should indicate the percentage of services performed within California and/or outside California. If not indicated on the invoice, Payment Services will assume 100% of services were performed in California and apply withholding accordingly.

To avoid delays, submit invoices directly to Payment Services via email at or via mail to:

USC Accounts Payable
P.O. Box 77967
Los Angeles, CA 90007

USC’s standard payment terms are Net 30 (30 days from invoice date).

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For suppliers requiring reimbursement of expenses, the following rates apply:

  • Personal Vehicle Mileage Limit (2020): $0.56/mile (no receipt required)

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USC strongly encourages all suppliers to opt for payment via direct deposit. You can set up or change direct deposit payments by updating your business profile in the USC Supplier Portal. Refer to the appropriate supplier guide for instructions on how to set your profile up for direct deposit.

Non-U.S. suppliers

USC can only pay suppliers via direct deposit if they have a U.S. bank account. Non-U.S. suppliers that do not have a U.S. bank account will be paid via international wire transfer unless other arrangements have been specified with the USC department (see Payment in Non-U.S. Funds below).

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The preferred forms of payment for non-U.S. suppliers is international wire transfer.

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Email for payment assistance.