Stopping a Payment

Lost checks

If USC issued you a check that you never received or that was lost, destroyed or stolen after receipt, complete a Stop Payment Form and send it to Payment Services (see Related Documents, right) via email ( or fax (213-740-3620).  The Stop Payment Form allows you to place a stop on the payment and issue a new one (if requested). It typically takes five (5) business days from receipt of the form to reissue a stopped payment.

Note: For lost checks older than 180 days, see Bank Reconciliations

Checks with errors, damage or that need to be cancelled

If you received a check from USC that contains errors or is damaged, write VOID across the original check and return it along with a completed Check Cancellation Form (see Related Documents, right) to Payment Services via email ( or fax (213-740-3620). If the check needs to be reissued, the USC department must initiate a new payment request.