Updating the Supplier Registration

The USC Supplier Portal allows you 24/7 access to update your profile and any of the information you included in your registration. You may also enroll for payment via direct deposit, change your bank account or mailing address, choose the method by which you receive notification of purchase orders, and more.

Suppliers currently approved to do business with USC that do not yet have access to the USC Supplier Portal must send an email to Supplier Data Management Services at supplier@usc.edu.

The steps below are provided to assist you with two of the more common updates performed by suppliers. For assistance with other updates, refer to the appropriate supplier guide.

Setting up direct deposit

After accessing your profile in the supplier portal:

  • Click on the Add Payment Information drop-down under Payment Information and select Direct Deposit (ACH).
  • Add payment and banking information per the supplier guides.
  • Click the Save Changes button to return to the Payment Information section.

Changing your bank account

You may not change existing bank account information. If you need to change accounts:

  • From the Payment Information section, inactivate the current account by clicking the Edit button on your active account and selecting the No option for Active.
  • Click the Save Changes button to return to the Payment Information section.
  • Create a new active account per the steps above for setting up direct deposit.

Note: The USC Supplier Portal permits only one active bank account per profile. If your business requires direct deposit to more than one bank account, send an email supplier@usc.edu for assistance with completing separate profiles for each account.