Addresses, Contacts and Locations

In the USC Supplier Portal, addresses, contacts and locations are all interrelated. In fact, although each has a separate screen in the supplier portal, some of the information required for all three can be entered directly from the Addresses screen.

We recommend that you use the worksheet under Related Documents (right) to map out your addresses, contacts and locations before entering them into your profile for the first time. You can save time by organizing addresses and contacts by location offline, rather than having to go back and make corrections even before the profile is submitted to Supplier Data Management Services.

Please note that this worksheet is merely an optional tool to help you organize your information. It cannot be uploaded or emailed in lieu of entering addresses, etc., in your profile.

Here is an example of how a location might look if you were to use the worksheet:

USC Supplier Portal – Addresses, Contacts and Locations
Label Location Type Contact Type
Location Los Angeles Headquarters Headquarters
Fulfillment Address Figueroa Office
Fulfillment Contact Sales Rep Sales
Remittance Address Figueroa Office
Remittance Contact Accounts Receivable Remittance
Physical Address Figueroa Office
Physical Contact Distribution Manager Corporate


Addresses represent the various points of contact for business functions such as taking orders (fulfillment), receiving payment (remittance), etc. For audit/reporting purposes, the Physical address may not be a post office box.

To save time, if there is a single address and contact for the fulfillment, remittance and physical location, check all three options on the first Add Address screen. This will automatically select Receives Payment and Other as the contact types. You can also add one Primary Contact with or without additional contact types such as Sales and Customer Care on the third Add Address screen.

For U.S. addresses, the supplier portal verifies zip codes (including the four-digit extension) before allowing you to continue to the next screen. If you do not know your ZIP+4 zip code, you can find it using the USPS’s online zip code look-up.

To edit addresses, either click on the Address Label or select Edit from the drop-down on the right. Please note, however, that you cannot edit contacts or locations associated with the address from the Addresses screen.

There are two ways to inactivate an address:

  • By editing the address and unchecking the Business Activities box(es);
  • By selecting Inactivate on the Edit drop-down list.

Reversing either of these two methods will reactivate an address. Addresses cannot be deleted, but you can hide or reveal inactive addresses by clicking on the Hide/Show Inactive Addresses link.


Contacts may only be associated with one address, and at least one Corporate contact is required before the profile can be submitted. Also note that you cannot change a contact type once it is created. The only way to change a contact type is to inactivate the contact and create a new one.

If you are adding a contact when creating a new address, the contact type may be auto-selected based on the address type. If not, you must select at least one available contact type to continue.

Contacts created on the Contacts screen can be associated with an address by clicking the Edit drop-down and selecting Manage Associated Addresses. Clicking on the Edit button opens a screen with all of the possible addresses that can be associated with the contact. However, you can only select one address per contact. To remove the associated address, click the red minus sign next to the address on the Manage Associated Addresses screen or click the Edit button and select a different address.


Locations represent the various locations for your business such as headquarters, fulfillment centers, divisions, stores, etc. Use the Location Label field to clearly identify the location (i.e., Primary, Main, Headquarters, Division 1, Store 123, etc.).

A profile must contain at least one location. Each location requires three addresses:

  • Fulfillment
  • Remittance
  • Physical

You can add addresses and contacts to a location by clicking the Edit button for Assigned Addresses and/or Assigned Contacts. You can remove addresses and contacts by clicking the red minus sign next to them.


It is important to note that:

  • If you inactivate a required type of address or contact, you will not be able to submit your profile until there is at least one of each required address and contact type.
  • Locations cannot be deleted or inactivated.