About Us

USC Business Services is comprised of the departments of Procurement and Payment Services, Small Business Diversity Office, Strategic Sourcing, Contract Compliance, Business Operations, and Mailing and Material Management Services.

The departments have responsibility for:

  • sourcing and contracting strategic purchasing agreements on behalf of the university;
  • purchasing and paying for goods, services, equipment, and travel on behalf of the university;
  • processing purchases and payments in compliance with policies set forth by the university, sponsored projects, the Internal Revenue Service, and the State Board of Equalization;
  • administration and operation of incoming and outgoing mail and all shipping and receiving of items for the university; and
  • supporting USC’s financial system operations as related to purchasing and payments.

Business Services’ goals include optimal value via strategic supplier relationships, collaborative customer relationships and excellent support, innovative technologies for efficient processing cycles, and mitigation of university risk.

Office Hours

The Business Services office in UGB 210 is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (official university holidays excluded).

Management Team

  • Lila Mauro, Assistant Vice President Business Services
  • Stacy Luckett, Director Procurement and Payment Services
  • Rhonda Thornton, Director Small Business Diversity Office
  • Christy Negri, Director Strategic Sourcing
  • Megan Watt, Director Contracts and Compliance
  • Nina Pukonen, Director Business Operations
  • Jeffrey Shanks, Director Mailing and Material Management Services